Why we Love the Functional Movement Screen

Why we Love the Functional Movement Screen

As a HealthFit coach at PersonalCare, I have several tests available to get valuable information for our members. One of my favorite tests is the Functional Movement Screen.

The movement screen can be applied to anyone from professional athletes to the everyday executive. During this test, the client goes through 7 different movements that are scored on a scale of 0-3. A total score of 14 or lower has been statistically shown to increase a person’s injury risk. A benefit of this test is that it gives me and my client an objective measure of mobility, stability and flexibility. With this objective measure, we can set attainable goals based upon the score of each test. After completion of the Functional Movement Screen, I prescribe specific corrective exercises that can be easily put into anyone’s daily schedule. The busy executive can input these exercises into most home or travel situations.

It has been my experience that identifying muscular imbalances prior to starting a training program is a key determinant in the success of a program. When properly utilized, these exercises are the base foundation for any fitness regimen. In plenty of cases, I have had members correct their imbalances, which may have gone on unidentified without the movement screen. Progression without the screen would have completely hindered their success and exposed the member to injury. The more I can decrease the chance of my client becoming injured outside of the gym, the more likely they will succeed at their overall fitness goals. With this said, the Functional Movement Screen is one of many valuable tests in PersonalCare’s world-class physical process.


Wray Watkins

Fitness and Nutrition Healthfit Coach