What is Functional Medicine? Meet Our Newest Physician!

What is Functional Medicine? Meet Our Newest Physician!
What's Functional Medicine? Meet Our Newest Physician!

We’re thrilled to welcome a new physician to our Newport Beach office!

Cambria Judd McGee MD, attended medical school at the University of Utah and
then stayed in Utah to complete a residency in family medicine. A native of California, she was happy to return to California to do her sports medicine fellowship at the University of California San Diego.

Her passion to be a healer and restore health instead of just treat symptoms without enhancing patient’s quality of life brought her to the Cleveland Clinic where she pursued training in Functional Medicine. She now uses the culmination of her skills in family, sports and functional medicine to help her patients achieve a higher quality of life by supporting the body to restore its perfect health.

Dr. Judd McGee specializes in Sports Medicine and functional medicine. She has worked with Division One college sport teams and Olympic athletes at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. She has extensive experience in the treatment of concussion in athletes and is currently working with the NFL Trust to screen retired players.

What's Functional Medicine? Meet Our Newest Physician!

Dr. Judd McGee shares why she’s joining the PCP family and explains her approach to health care:

Why PCP?

I love the working environment, the staff and most of all the culture of Personal Care Physicians. My belief about what it means to be a healer and the importance of a personal relationship with my patients, aligned with the culture of the clinic. I am thrilled to be a part of the family.

What’s your approach to health care?

I believe that the healing process for a patient starts at the first moment they meet their doctor. There is either an energy of compassion and healing or a lack of connection. It is by listening to the patients story and understanding their goals that you are able to work together to find their optimal wellness. In Functional Medicine we look at every aspect of the patients life from birth to the current moment in time and evaluate all aspects of mind, body and spirit to treat disease on a cellular level at its root cause to prevent and also reverse disease.

Functional medicine vs conventional medicine. What’s the difference?

The simplest explanation of this is that conventional medicine is focused on treating disease once it develops and functional medicine is focused on discovering what started the dysfunction in the first place that started the disease process and reverse it and thereby restore health.

Learn more about functional medicine on Dr. Judd McGee’s website.

What are your passions outside of health care? 

I love to travel – the more remote the better. I love to read and spend time with my family (my husband and I have 7 kids between us). I love to run – running is what got me through medical school and residency with 4 kids as a single mother. It was my meditation with nature and myself. I found clarity and peace and surety that I was on the right path.

One insight on wellness…

I would say to every new patient I saw in residency at the end of our initial appointment, “My first question is do you want to live or exist because where we go from here is completely dependent on that answer.” True wellness is deciding to live, really live. It is having a quality of life that money can’t buy. It takes a commitment but it makes all the difference!

Dr. Judd McGee has extensive training in the treatment of competitive athletes using functional medicine to optimize their health and overall performance. Contact us if you would like to come to the office and meet her!