The PersonalCare Membership

Where you’ll have 24/7 access to your personal physician, with whom you’ll forge a bond as you work together to craft a plan to confidently manage your overall health and wellness.

A complete & synchronized experience


Personal Physician Partnership

Personal Physician Partnership

Your physician will dedicate whatever time is needed to get to know you, listen to you and assess key predictors of your current health. This is where the partnership begins.

Cornerstone Health Assessment

Cornerstone Health Assessment

Get a complete picture of your health with our state-of-the art, personalized Cornerstone Health Assessment. This may include heart disease risk scoring, advanced lipid profiling, and much more.

Personal Health & Wellness Plan

Personal Health & Wellness Plan

Your physician will help you interpret your assessment results. Then you’ll work together to set clear objectives and develop a personalized strategy to help you achieve your health, fitness and nutrition goals.

Health & Wellness Trend Analysis

Health & Wellness Trend Analysis

Being informed is the key to staying healthy. Your physician will actively monitor your progress and review trending data that measures key predictive markers year over year. This is the key to reinforce healthy habits.

The benefits of membership designed for you.

Direct, 24/7 access to your physician via cell, text and email
Same-day appointment availability
A commitment to spend the necessary time with you
Fully integrated clinical and fitness support team
Streamlined access to specialists all across the country

PersonalCare In Action

  • "My doctor knows me. So when I came in with a seemingly small health issue, he realized immediately how serious it was. He called a cardiologist in the area and got me an appointment within hours. The cardiologist told me my doctor's actions prevented a stroke. I'm frightened to think what would have happened without my PersonalCare doctor."

    PersonalCare Member
  • "My son was experiencing severe pain. My doctor performed some tests and created a nutrition plan based on immunological findings that dramatically reduced his pain. I've never had a doctor go beyond the obvious like that.
    PersonalCare Member
  • "My family was preparing to sail around the world. My doctor prepared us by giving us the right vaccinations, preparing the first aid kit, making sure we took balance tests, and visiting the boat so she understood our environment. We also tested the satellite phone to make sure we could call her from anywhere in the world. That gave me such confidence and peace of mind."
    PersonalCare Member

A Prescription Fitness Solution

Personal trainers and nutrition experts of the highest caliber—in the same facilities as the physicians—have been carefully selected for our exclusive HealthFit Studios. Whether you want to manage your weight or discover an overall healthier approach to living, your dedicated HealthFit Coach, along with your physician, will help you tailor a program that will make a difference in your life.

Peace of mind starts here. Contact us today.

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