Fish Oil Found to Reduce Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Fish Oil Found to Reduce Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke
Fish Oil Found to Reduce Risk of Heart Attack & Stroke

Dr. Bloom shares his thoughts on a recent fish oil study:

For many years I’ve highly recommended Omega 3 fish oil to most of my patients as a preventive supplement to improve health and reduce the risks of many chronic diseases.  These have included a probable association with less heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and dementia.

Although this has sounded too good to be true, many of these have been better proven than others.  And in general without virtually any side effects (some brands will cause a “fish burp” or indigestion, etc.) or risks (rare blood thinning at very high doses or in higher risk patents), but depending upon your specific health (always important to discuss with your PersonalCare physician).

And now I’m comforted by having read the latest recommendations of the FDA panel of advisers. They reviewed data about the prescription version of Omega 3 (Vascepa) lowering the risk of death from heart attack & stroke.  Their analysis is well summarized in this NBC news article:

Drug with fish oil cuts risk of heart attack, stroke, study finds

And of note, this information is related to a very high dose and pure Omega 3 product.  I do like this prescription for many patients, however if an OTC high quality Omega 3 is chosen it is likely best to have it include a high percentage of the EPA subtype (there are many subtypes, and 3 of these are the best studied, with many researches pointing to EPA as the most important in general). And to know whether a particular one is right for a patient, there are blood tests which can analyze the amount of Omega 3 as well as EPA in the blood.  I choose to check this on most patients because as many know, the vitamin & supplement world is full of fakes and inlated/wild claims but is NOT regulated by the FDA at all (unlike both OTC and prescription products).

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