COVID-19 Update: Follow Up Visits and Helping Our Community

COVID-19 Update: Follow Up Visits and Helping Our Community

Patients, Friends and Family-

As we start our third month of “Safer at Home” orders, we are grateful to see signs of a gradual re-opening of our economy. Although getting completely “back to normal” is likely to be in the distant future, we can at least start the process of moving in that direction.

Follow Up Visits and Annual Physicals

Although we have remained open and have some semblance of “normal” in our office, we wanted to remind you that we are here to care for your needs. With the “curve” flattened, we encourage you to not let routine screening (annual physicals, colonoscopies, mammograms, blood tests, blood pressure checks) fall by the wayside. These tests and visits are critically important to help you maintain optimal health and wellness. Many of you may have postponed some of these tests and procedures due to the quarantine. Although rare, postponing medically necessary tests and procedures can lead to delayed diagnoses of very treatable medical conditions. Please call our office to schedule your visit, whether it is for a follow up blood test, annual physical or routine recheck appointment.

Helping Our Community

Lastly, the quarantine has adversely affected many in our community. Most startling are the long lines of families at local food banks. The thought of families and children going hungry because of something beyond their control is heart wrenching. The physicians and team members at Personalcare Physicians of Newport Beach and Personalcare Physicians of Irvine have started a food drive and we are inviting our patients to help by contributing non-perishable food items. We will collect food items between now and June 16th and donate these items to the Share Our Selves Clinic in Costa Mesa. If you feel so inclined, purchase an extra food item or two the next time you’re at the market and bring them in at your next visit. Additionally, we’ll even do a “curbside drop off” where you can call our office when you arrive and we will come out and get the items from you so you don’t even need to leave your car. It is our collective efforts that make this a great community.

Thank you in advance for caring, and allowing us to care for you.