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Where highly respected concierge doctors are free from the constraints of the traditional
healthcare model and a wellness experience like no other awaits you and your family.


Your time is valuable and we respect that. That’s why you’ll get appointments when you need them, for as long as you need them.


No more worrying about the state of your health. You’ll get a clear view of your overall health, including fitness, healthy habits and nutrition.

Peace of Mind

You and your personal physician will develop a strategic plan with clear objectives for your health and monitor your results.

PersonalCare’s membership is designed for those who want
greater control of their healthcare and a better sense of security.


Just A Few PersonalCare Membership Features

Your Doctor On Demand

You have direct and immediate access to your doctor by cell phone, text or email, no matter the time of day or night.

Peace Of Mind Anywhere

Our doctors will help you plan the trip – from local illness prevention steps to filling prescriptions while you’re on the go.

Same Day Appointments

Same day appointment availability when you need them and accommodating appointment times when you don’t.

Personal Wellness Map

After your Cornerstone Health Assessment, your  physician and HealthFit Coach will build a plan that charts the course for your ideal health.

Easy Prescriptions

Prescriptions made easy. What’s more is we provide prescription fitness and nutrition strategies so medication isn’t always the go-to option.

More Than A Medical Record

You’re not a chart with numbers, you’re a person, an important one at that. We get to know you as a person, it’s the most important part.

Highly Respected Physicians

Your concierge physician will dedicate the the time needed to get to know you, to listen to you and to assess and address key predictors of your current health. This is where the partnership starts.



Customer Satisfaction

As measured by Net Promoter Score. The Net Promoter Score or NPS is based on one simple question, “How likely are you to recommend this company?”

Net Promoter Score Comparison

Tesla: 96
PersonalCare: 88
Apple: 70
Netflix: 54
Kaiser: 40
Mercedes-Benz: 39

PersonalCare In Action

  • "My doctor knows me. So when I came in with a seemingly small health issue, he realized immediately how serious it was. He called a cardiologist in the area and got me an appointment within hours. The cardiologist told me my doctor's actions prevented a stroke. I'm frightened to think what would have happened without my PersonalCare doctor."

    PersonalCare Member
  • "My family was preparing to sail around the world. My doctor prepared us by giving us the right vaccinations, preparing the first aid kit, making sure we took balance tests, and visiting the boat so she understood our environment. We also tested the satellite phone to make sure we could call her from anywhere in the world. That gave me such confidence and peace of mind."
    PersonalCare Member
  • "My son was experiencing severe pain. My doctor performed some tests and created a nutrition plan based on immunological findings that dramatically reduced his pain. I've never had a doctor go beyond the obvious like that.
    PersonalCare Member

At PersonalCare, it’s all about you.
Let us show you how peace of mind starts here.


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